Metallic Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City

Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City have a flooring option for you that would make your visitors fall in love with your house or your business. They will be in awe of what they see and will want to know everything about it. Introducing the Metallic Epoxy Floors at Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City.

Metallic Epoxy are solid epoxy floors embedded with glitter-like and metallic pigments. If properly installed these floors are known for giving out a very reflective and eye-catching effect. They give the illusion of three-dimensional twirls sparkling across your floors.

Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City are applied in a number of layers. The topmost coat has the most varieties and hence can be used to create a unique look. Your metallic floors would not only sparkle and shine but will also be tough and strong.

Here at Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City we have a team of expert and experienced epoxy installers. They are well-known for their works and have a long experience to back their work. Each of our metallic epoxy floor experts have developed their unique installation techniques and designs. One of our most loved techniques is when we pour the metallics on the floor and then spread them out. This and may other techniques are developed so that the finished product we present to you is extremely desirable.

Metallic Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City

The metallic pigments get sealed shut in the floor and create a three-dimensional look.However, the end product is never same of two similar floors as they way the pigments move cannot be controlled. Therefore, each floor gets a unique and distinct look. Your otherwise stiff and boring space can be converted into a work-of-a-art.

Advantages of Metallic Epoxy Oklahoma City

You will get durability of your metallic epoxy floors wherever you get them on. The flooring system can endure harsh conditions and will not get damaged or broken.

You will find the metallic epoxy floors to be resistant to liquid spills like petrol, oils, brake fluids, gasoline, bleach and other chemicals. These substances will not stain the floors and as a result are an ideal choice for garages, whether residential or commercial.

These floors are also resistant to bacteria and this makes them easy to clean as you don’t need any powerful chemicals to wash. On top of that you can also use metallic epoxy floors in healthcare facilities, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical facilities and all the other places where sterility is necessity.

Metallic Epoxy Floors are also specifically manufactured so that they can be resistant to slip. This is because the metallic pigments in these floors can add the anti-slip properties, so they become safe for everyone. We have installed metallic epoxy in restaurants, hotels, offices, patios and even countertops.

Metallic Epoxy Floors by Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City will be happy to create the design you like onto your floors. We have been creating magic for the people of Oklahoma City for a long time now and will love to continue to do it for more.

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